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July 2024

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July 27, 2024

A very generous donor has overwhelmed us with many new items including home decor, baby and kid specialty gifts, toys, and much more. We would like to bless our foster moms with a kid-free outing to shop for themselves or grab some Christmas gifts. Grace Community Church will be providing holiday drinks and treats, and you will go home with a minimum of 5 brand new items of your choice (maybe more depending on how many moms sign up). Either way, you’re sure to enjoy yourself and connect with some other foster moms.

In order to create a quality experience for everyone, we are requiring everyone to make a reservation to shop (30 minutes) but you are welcome to mingle before and after your shopping time. 

We will be verifying that each attendee is an active foster parent, so please include your agency contact information when you RSVP. 

Just to give you an idea of what to expect, below are images of SOME of the items that will be available. All of the merchandise will be divided 50/50 between the morning and evening slots, so if you shop in the evening, there will still be plenty of great stuff!