Helping families provide homes to children in foster care

Vault Fostering Community was developed in January 2014 by two friends over a cup of coffee. 

We began to dream about the resources we could provide to families and if we could alleviate even a small amount of chaos to local foster families…then maybe more people would be inclined to open their homes. Our mission became to provide support for local foster families as they meet the need of foster children.

We desired to help ease the burden by collecting necessities for families receiving placements with short notice. As we began to collect, sort and distribute items our passion grew for the greater needs that these families may encounter. When we stepped in and took a closer look, we saw people excited to change the life of a child, even if just for a short time. We cannot all be foster parents, but we can all be a part of ending the orphan crisis in some way.

It has been beautiful to see our community step up to the plate and provide for these families in moments of crisis. We hope to empower people as they step boldly into the foster care world and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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