Sensory Support Tools for Foster Children

We are aware that many children entering foster care have experienced a number of traumatic events in their lives while also going through the stress of moving from home to home. One way we want to support you as the caregiver is by provide therapeutic sensory support tools that can help ease anxiety for children making these transitions.

Because of the trauma many of these children have experienced their nervous systems struggle to regulate stress. Their little bodies are often overstimulated and unable to calm.

These sensory support tools that we want to provide are things like weighted blankets, baby swings, swaddles/sleep sacks, white noise machines, and sensory fidget toys. Using these tools with children will not only reduce the effects of their stress and trauma in the short-term, but will also lower the risk of long-term physical and emotional health issues.

While Vault typically only serves foster children within the first 60 days of their placement date, we are waiving that requirement for these specific items. 

ONLY ONE REQUIREMENT: You must show placement paperwork to verify that the child is currently in foster care.

Once you make the request, someone will contact you about availability of the items and when you can pick them up. 

Please only request items that you believe your child NEEDS, as we have limited quantities.